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Our seasonings are of top quality made from carefully selected natural ingredients with an out of this world fusion of traditional Ghanaian spices ensuring freshness and flavor.

Edible oils

Homefoods edible oils are rich in Vitamin E. Its flagship product ‘Palm Oil’ is obtained from the palm fruit of the Oil Palm Tree. We buy from the a select group of suppliers to ensure the best quality is delivered to us.


Homefoods sauces can be used for a variety of dishes. It is premade and allows for easy means of eating. The capsaicin in Homefoods hot sauce has positive effect on weight management and cardiovascular health.


Our snacks are produced with rich ingredients which you can enjoy while laughing or crying, working or playing.

Processed root grains

Our processed root grains serve as a major versatile and staple food in West Africa. It is sourced and harvested from the best farms. We provide you with a fine to coarse granular flour varying in textures.

Processed edible seeds

Our processed edible seeds bring to mind the true taste of Homemade Ghanaian meals. It nourishes the body with vitamins, minerals and protein.

Ethnic Range

Our ethnic range consists of authentic high quality West African food ingredients which specially cater for convenient cooking for West Africans away from home and at home

Natural sweeteners

Our ‘All natural sweeteners’ like honey is produced from different regions. It is processed using both modern and traditional methods maintaining its natural state.

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Inspiring Recipes

Peanut Butter Soup

Peanut Butter Soup

Peanut Soup is one of the many popular Ghanaian dishes. It serves a multi-purpose function of going with almost any accompaniment. Enjoy a unique taste of your Peanut soup with Homefoods Peanut butter in the mix.

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Neri Neri Soup

Neri Neri Soup

Wre Wre is perculiar to the Dagomba tribe and the Ashanti tribe in Ghana.
Ever wondered how to relive the joy of eating grandma’s “wre wre” (Neri Neri) soup while far away from home? Adding our NeriNeri paste to your soup brings to mind the true taste of a homemade Ghanaian meal.

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Fried Rice

Fried Rice

With our Homefoods Fried rice seasoning, you have your desired taste and aroma of a perfectly blended spicy Fried rice.

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